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Michelle Dumas

Having had many different jobs and trades over the years, the one constant in my life has always been art!

I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be an artist my entire life. I have dabbled in many different mediums over the years, attended a few different art schools across Canada, apprenticed under an experienced tattoo artist, and worked alongside some of the best tattoo artists in Winnipeg.

For that dedication, I’m now rewarded by being able to make my living as a professional artist specializing in body art.

While tattooing is my bread-winning art form, oils are my primary medium. I would love to market my oil paintings one day, but for now, I enjoy seeing them hung in my art studio as so much of my art walks away from me at the end of the day.

The thing that I love most about being an artist, is that no matter how accomplished I become or how much I refine my skills, there will always be new and interesting challenges to tackle.

Art is a limitless faculty and I am constantly inspired by those around me to continue my expedition.

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