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Rod Mondaca

My name is Rodrigo Mondaca. My career as a tattoo artist started in 1998, when I was introduced to the owner of a busy tattoo shop on Corydon by a mutual friend.

My apprenticeship, back then, was earned and not given. I took on any task I was asked which included everything from cleaning the shop,running errands, and of course a lot of drawing and designing. Ultimately, I was applying ink to skin. I worked at this shop for about 10 years, then moved onto other shops learning, inspired and working alongside many great artists.

I started with The Collectors Club in March and couldn’t be more content working alongside the talented and driven Michelle Dumas in this spacious and modern studio.

As an artist, I always strive to learn and improve my technique and drawing abilities. You can never know enough. There are so many great artists that inspire me. Some of my major influences are: Shinge, James Tex, Jeff Gogue, and Nikko Hurtado.

I enjoy doing all types of black and grey work, Japanese and neo-traditional styles, but I try to be diverse in all tattoo styles.

I want to conclude with a big thank you to my clients for the support and the trust they have had in my work over the years. I look forward to working on new projects and developing new relations in the future.


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