What people are saying...


She is absolutely amazing it is worth the wait and the money. I wouldn't go to anyone else! She listens to what you want and is extremely talented!

Everyone loves my tattoos and I would recommend anyone to check her work out---it speaks for itself! Everything I tell her I want she puts in my design and they're better than what I imagined they'd be!

Wouldn't go anywhere else!


Marv did 2 of my tattoos I absolutely love them. Amazing artist! Cant wait for another one!


Some of the best work in Canada.


There is a difference between getting a tattoo and seeing a tattoo artist! Michelle is definitely an artist!


I love it!! My first tatty, done by Marvin... Awesome job! Gonna get another as soon as i can.


Michelle Dumas is incredibly gifted in many ways. Perhaps, the most important is her ability to "listen" to her clients & help realize their thoughts, ideas & visions through her brilliant custom designs.

Someone already said, "there is a difference between simply getting a tattoo & getting tattoo'd by an artist."

If the art and soul in your piece are important to you...Make an appointment with Michelle at The Collector's Club.


Michelle is an amazing artist, super accommodating and so friendly! I recommend the Collector's Club to anyone and everyone!

Prepare and care for your new tattoo


Congratulations on deciding to get a tattoo! Here are some tips and guidelines to prepare and care for your new ink.



•  GET HYDRATED. Drink at least 1-2 litres of water a day. When you are hydrated, your skin is hydrated and will be able to maintain a better heal and withstand longer sessions.

•  LOTION the area to be tattooed every day, or twice daily. Again, the healthier your skin, the better the results.

•  SHAVE & EXFOLIATE the area 1-3 times weekly. If you are super hairy, this will really make a big difference. It’s hard for lotion to get there well, if you’re Chewbacca! If you experience razor burn, stop shaving a week prior to your appointment. Exfoliation should be gentle with a loofah or basic body scrub.

•  GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP the night before. Please don’t party too hard. Getting tattoed hung-over is not fun for you or me.

•  PLEASE EAT BEFORE your session. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen pass out just because they were too nervous to eat. This is a massive workout for your body and IT NEEDS FUEL. When you are hungry, pain management is much more difficult.

 BRING DRINKS, SNACKS & LUNCH. You probably won’t have enough time during our short breaks to leave, get food, come back and eat—so bring it with you! We have a microwave and fridge in the studio for your convenience.

It is also a good idea to bring small snacks that you can eat one-handed without making a mess, in case you need a distraction during your session. As a side note: I try to take breaks every 2-3 hours depending on the length of the session.

•  PLEASE CALL ASAP if you happen to sustain major injuries prior to your appointment.


•  NO TANNING, no fake tanning, no chemical peals, sunburns, major cuts or scrapes in the area to be tattooed within a month prior to your session. We cannot work on freshly damaged skin as your tattoo won’t heal properly.

•  NO EXTREME WEIGHT LIFTING in or near the area to be tattooed at least 2 days prior to your session, to prevent unnecessary swelling and soreness.


Please read carefully and call The Collectors Club at 204-654-2649 with any questions or concerns.

Your tattoo is considered an OPEN WOUND and should be treated as such for the next 2 weeks.

•  REMOVE YOUR BANDAGE after 8-12 hours as instructed by your artist.

•  DOUBLE WASH! After removing your bandage, you MUST wash your tattoo twice to ensure you remove all blood, ink, plasma and excess ooze from the area.

Wash once with soap and water. Gently pat dry with a clean paper towel, then let the site air-dry for 20 minutes.

Wash it a second time repeating the same process to remove anything missed during the first wash. There is always more to clean after the very first wash.

 DO NOT RE-BANDAGE your tattoo unless instructed to do so by your artist.

•  ALLOW THE AREA TO DRY OUT for the first 2 days. This means only washing the area 2-3 times a day for the first few days. Do not apply any lotion, ointments, balms or products during the drying-out phase.

•  ON DAY 3, you may start applying the product provided by your artist twice daily, 20 minutes after washing the area.

Always wait at least 10-15 minutes after applying after-care products before doing things like getting into bed or going outside, as lotions may make the area tacky. (Bed lint, pet hair, dust, dirt, etc may stick to the area and cause risk of an infection.)

•  CONTINUE TO CARE for your tattoo as per the above instructions for a period of 2 weeks.



SWELLING. We recommend applying ice to the area within the first 8 hours to reduce swelling. This will also lessen discomfort the following day. NEVER apply ice directly to a new tattoo! Ice your tattoo BEFORE REMOVING THE BANDAGE to ensure you do not get the site wet.

REDNESS for the first 3-4 days depending on your skin type.

SORENESS for the first 3-4 days depending on the body area.

EXCESS INK can continue to come off for the first couple of washes depending on the area. But don’t worry, your tattoo is NOT washing off!

LEAKING can continue for a few days after receiving your new tattoo. It is imperative that you wash off these body fluids (blood & plasma) to prevent heavy scabbing.

FLAKING & SCABBING. This means it’s almost over! Let your flakes and scabs come off naturally on their own. NEVER PICK OR SCRATCH at them. There still may be critical healing underneath and if they are pulled off prematurely, you WILL damage both your art and your skin!

MILKY OR CLOUDY appearance on your tattoo after flaking is done. This is normal and will dissipate after a few days once the nutrients return to your skin. You can help speed this process along by continuing to lotion the area after the flakes and scabs are gone.

PAY ATTENTION to changes in the site that are unexpected. If you are unsure, call The Collectors Club or consider seeking medical attention should you be experiencing any abnormal or prolonged conditions.